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Which Houston Texans May Be Inactive For Sunday's Game Against Miami?

I'll be quite alright as long as this man is active on Sunday.
I'll be quite alright as long as this man is active on Sunday.

This is a good problem to have. Heck, I wish they had had this problem last season.

The great news is that your Houston Texans are incredibly healthy at the moment. Wednesday’s injury report only had three guys who either had limited participation or did not participate in practice. Two of those three guys are back-ups, with inside linebacker Brian Cushing being the lone starter, so this is much better than last year’s Week One report that had starting running back Arian Foster out.

The looming downside to health, if there is one, would be the decision on who is and is not active for Sunday’s game. As of last season, teams can activate 46 players for play on gameday, although the Texans had instances where they kept only 45 active.

With the good fortune of health and the necessity of having four specialist players active, the decision that head coach Gary Kubiak has to make on Sunday morning looks to be a tough one. After the jump, I enter Kubiak’s shoes and try to battlefight my way to finding the seven who may be inactive.

- QB John Beck: Kubiak’s notorious for having only two quarterbacks active on gameday. With both Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates healthy, there is no need to have Beck dress up.

- FB Tyler Clutts: Clutts was the last name I picked and it was due to roster make-up. This is the problem when you have a dedicated long-snapper and returner. I just couldn’t see anyone else to inactivate other than the back-up fullback.

- WR DeVier Posey: I count Trindon Holliday among the receivers, so six seems like overkill. Even if you ignore Holliday, I can rarely remember there being five active full-time receivers. Posey’s the least ready of the youngsters, so he’ll be on the sidelines observing.

- G/T Andrew Gardner: Ryan Harris was brought in to be the swing tackle and Brandon Brooks will be the swing guard, so I don’t see why Gardner needs to be active at all.

- OLB Bryan Braman: He is the only one who hasn’t participated in practice, so I’ll go ahead and take the easy route and make him one of the seven. If healthy, I think that would put Jesse Nading on the sidelines. The roster doesn’t need more than four outside linebackers.

- CB Roc Carmichael: Often was the case last season that the Texans didn’t activate more than five cornerbacks. I would love for this to be Alan Ball, but I think young Roc will be the man to sit on the bench.

- SS Shiloh Keo: Limited in practice this week and always limited on the field, I don’t see Keo playing on Sunday.

What does your seven look like, faithful BRB readers? Can you find a way to put Clutts on the field? Is DeVier Posey going to play? Am I a fool to criticize having four specialist players?

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