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Arian Foster, Brooks Reed Game-Time Decisions For Sunday's Game Against Miami? Read The Quotes

Happy thoughts.
Happy thoughts.

Thanks to El Mothership, we've got the actual words spoken about the much ballyhooed news that Arian Foster and Brooks Reed are game-time decisions for the season opener on Sunday. Gary Kubiak leads off and then continues after the jump, and then Arian Foster will talk about Arian Foster.

Gary Kubiak:

(On the team’s health today) "(Bryan) Braman still did not practice. (Arian) Foster and (Brooks) Reed, neither one of those guys practiced; so all three of those guys will be game-time decision. I would say that Braman is close, very close and the other two, I’m optimistic that they’ll be ready to go but we’ll have to see. We’ll look at tomorrow and probably end up having to work them out before the game and see."

(on the injuries) "Arian’s (Foster) just got a sore knee. I don’t know if it’s just the wear and tear of camp or whatever. It got real sore on him. He feels better today. I think if we pushed him to practice today, he would have went out there and practiced. We’re going to be smart with him, but we’ll have to show us that he’s ready to go. I think Brooks (Reed) is a probably a little bit more sore than Arian as far as going out on the field today. He is also optimistic that he’ll be ready to go. We’ll have to test them both. Probably could test Arian tomorrow maybe and test Brooks on Sunday morning so we’ll see how it goes."

(on if a certain play sparked the injuries) "No, nothing, like I said, Arian (Foster) practices fine. He went through half a practice. Brooks (Reed) was in a drill, came out of his stance and felt a twinge in his hip and got a sore hip. So we got to listen to him and see what’s up.

(on RB Arian Foster’s MRI) "Yeah we checked him yesterday just to make sure and everything was fine."

Arian Foster:

(on his health) "It’s not my knee. It’s around the knee area so there is no problem with my knee. It’s just kind of a vague description of where the center point of the pain is."

(on playing Sunday) "I expect to play on Sunday."

(on the location of his injury) "Well, just say it’s around the knee area for now."

(on how it happened) "It just gradually happened over time. It wasn’t a particular play or anything like that."

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