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BRB's Xfinity Fantasy League - Week One

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago, I asked y'all to choose Battle Red Blog's fantasy team for a league run by Xfinity. I said then that this is OUR team, as much yours as it is mine or anyone who comes here with any regularity.

And since the draft was not a complete disaster, and I meant what I said about this being your team as well, I thought you should have some kind of input on who gets played each week.

How? It's pretty simple. Hit the jump and I'll explain, show BRB's team (with bench), and the team we face this Sunday.

Fantasy football is a game of matchups. If one of your players is facing a really stout defense, but someone on your bench is up against a cupcake, you switch them out. That's where y'all come in.

Below, I will list the team, complete with bench, the team BRB is facing on Sunday, and I will open the floor to suggestions as to who should be switched out.

Here's the kicker: you have to convince me why I should swap Player A for Player B. If I'm convinced (bribery also works) by your argument, then I'll make the move.

Simple, right? Good!

Here's our team stacked up against this week's opponent: The Falcoholic (Atlanta Falcons)

Position Battle Red Blog Opponent The Falcoholic Opponent
QB C. Newton - CAR @TB T. Romo - DAL (Played) @NYG
WR1 H. Nicks - NYG (Played) DAL J. Jones - ATL @KC
WR2 D. Jackson - PHI @CLE D. Bryant - DAL (Played) @NYG
RB1 D. McFadden - OAK SD R. Rice - BAL CIN
RB2 S. Jackson - STL @DET B. Wells - AZ SEA
TE T. Gonzales - ATL @KC J. Finley - GB SF
W/R D. Bowe - KC ATL B. Lloyd - NE @BESFs
W/R/T O. Daniels - HOU MIA D. Williams - CAR @TB
K R. Gould - CHI IND S. Gostkowski - NE @BESFs
DEF Bulls On Parade MIA Atlanta @KC
BENCH A. Boldin (WR) - BAL CIN
BENCH M. Manningham (WR) - SF @GB
BENCH S. Bradford (QB) - STL @DET
BENCH H. Miller (TE) - PIT @DEN

And now I open the discussion to you. Is there anybody you'd switch out? Tell me why!