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Texans - 30, Dolphins - 10: Post Game Open Thread

Rally 'round the family / with a pocket full of shells...
Rally 'round the family / with a pocket full of shells...

After a slow start that stretched almost the entire first half, J.J. Watt went Super Saiyan and the Bulls On Parade generated four turnovers. [Related: Kareem Jackson got an interception. This is a thing that happened for only the fourth time in Texans history.]

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Random quick reactions to the game following the jump, but, first, a quick-and-fun glance at the AFC South standings, with point differential.

Houston Texans 1-0 (+20)
Jacksonville Jaguars 0-1 (-3)
Indianapolis Colts, 0-1 (-20)
Tennessee Titans, 0-1 (-21)

Continue the conversation about your first-place Houston Texans in the comments below.

1. Trindon Holliday seemed dead-set on making me feel like a jagoff for touting him in he most recent Battle Red Radio. I'm willing to give him a couple more games to prove that the preseason was a perfect storm of flukeyness, but I'M WATCHING YOU, HOLLIDAY!

2. So Keshawn Martin dropped the first ball thrown his way and not another throw went that direction all day? Gary Kubiak don't play, son.

3. Dear Andre Johnson, Remember all that stuff I wrote about you last January? I meant every word. You're a golden god, and we're all better human being for having rooted for you.

4. I'm sticking with my claim that this is the season that Glover Quin becomes well known as one of the best safeties in the league.

5. Reliant's turf is horrible. We've known this for years, but nothing seems to change. Every cutback has a higher than necessary chance of exploding ligaments. Uncool, Guy Who Is In Charge Of Such Things.

6. Tim Jamison is underrated, and he deserves your love. You couldn't ask for more from a rotational third DE.

7. Reggie Bush rushed for almost 5 yards/carry against the Texans. Do not like.

8. I'm drunk. Time to stop with the typing and rambling and maybe just take a nap because naps are good.