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Battle Red News Wire: Johnson & Johnson (03/18/13)

Free Agency, Air Balloons, and Chad Johnson, what more could you ask for? It's the Battle Red News Wire

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It's come to this.

Andre Johnson is lobbing for a wide receiver to join the Texans. It's not the newly released Brandon Lloyd, but rather Chad Johnson. Yes, that Chad Johnson. The river-dancing Chad Ochocinco. Andre Johnson is lobbying for his fellow Miamian to get a job with the Texans. I guess Andre is just a really nice guy and doesn't want to Chad out of work, but why? My mind will be blown if the Texans actually believe Chad Johnson is the answer for their wide receiver problems.

Around the League

Aqib Talib resigned with the Patriots. The race for Talib was down to New England and Washington. Talib's former head coach Raheem Morris, current Redskins secondary coach, attempted to woo him to Washington.

Brandon Myers signed with the Giants. The three year veteran out of Iowa burst onto the scene last year with 806 receiving yards. Myers replaces Martellus Bennett, who recently signed with the Bears.

The 2008 number one overall pick, Jake Long, signed late last night with the Rams.

The NFL owners meeting is underway currently. A few rules are up for addition or possible change, one of which is the Tuck Rule. The Thanksgiving Day game with the Lions may also result in a change; the act of challenging a scoring play would no longer negate the review.

The rules committee is contemplating another rule change that would penalize runners that lead with their helmets. The league already penalizes defense players inconsistently; I can't wait for a 15-yard penalty for an unsafe run in a playoff game.

Finally on Saturday, Donte Stallworth was in a hot air balloon that crashed into power lines. That's one hell of an offseason injury. Stallworth has a few burns but will recover.

Should the Texans take a chance on Chad Johnson?