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Three Texans Named To All-Pro Team

The Houston Texans saw two of their own named to the All-Pro first team (one of whom was a unanimous selection), and a third named to the All-Pro second team. Check this out to see who was honored.

More like All-Universe, man.
More like All-Universe, man.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The All-Pro team was announced this morning, and your Houston Texans had three players named to the squad. Two of those players were named to the first team; a third was named to the second team.

The first teamers? Duane Brown and J.J. Watt. It should be noted that Watt and Adrian Peterson were the only unanimous selections on the entire team.

The second teamer? A chap by the name of Andre Johnson. Which is weird, because he's supposed to be washed up. I guess 112 catches for 1,598 yards says otherwise.

Congrats to Brown, Watt, and 'Dre. There is no question they deserve this illustrious honor.