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Texans - 13, Patriots - 31: Divisional Playoff Open Thread, Fourth Quarter

This blows goats. I have proof.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Answer me this: how can this team look like they've never seen the Patriots before, both in person and on tape, on both sides of the ball? Because I don't have an answer, and that question should be asked repeatedly until one or both of the coaches gives an acceptable answer.

At least Wade has the excuse of terrible ILBs and facing a Pats' O with tons of weapons. Though Wade's constant blitzing of Tom Brady makes me question his sanity to a large degree. Gary has no such excuse; the Texans have enough talent to score on the Patriots, but they aren't. The blame for that has to fall on Kubiak or Schaub. Take your pick, I guess. Neither answer feels good.

It's the fourth quarter. Hopefully, it's better than the third.