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Texans-Patriots Score: New England Eliminates Houston, 41-28

The 2012 Houston Texans are done.

Namaste, Readers.
Namaste, Readers.

Your Houston Texans played better tonight, but, in the end, it was not enough for a victory over the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

As is customary, there will be people looking to blame someone for the loss. Myself? The blame has to go on the defense. One sack and three receivers (Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, and Shane Vereen) had over 83 receiving yards each. Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips could not make the adjustments to match New England's offense and Barrett Ruud and Shiloh Keo covering people is laughable in a bad way.

The defense is going to have to improve safety depth, to rid the roster of Keo and Quintin Demps, and get more athletic at inside linebacker, even after Brian Cushing comes back. It is painfully apparent that Houston's defense cannot match up with a spread-style offense. Between those offenses and mobile quarterbacks becoming fashionable in the NFL, the Texans defense will need to improve to keep up. Also, the Texans need to find some way to get a pass rush up the middle of the field, so Shaun Cody may not be re-signed.

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