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Glover Quin Talks Free Agency

With the Texans' homegrown free safety eligible for free agency, Glover Quin gives some insight into his desire to stay in Houston.

Bob Levey

I hesitate to use the word "unanimously" unless I'm talking about J.J. Watt's selection to the All-Pro squad. Thus, I'll simply state that it's VIRTUALLY unanimous among Texans fans that Glover Quin is the team's top free agent priority as we begin the offseason. Nick Scurfield managed to get a few words from Quin as he stares unrestricted free agency in the face:

"Definitely, I would love to be here," Quin said Monday morning as the Texans cleaned out their lockers at Reliant Stadium. "I love this organization, I love the city, I love the fans, I love this team. Would love to be here. Hope everything works out to where I can be here, but we’ll just have to see…

"I’m pretty optimistic. I feel like it could get done. I don’t see why it couldn’t get done."

Unless you expected Glover to shock the world and declare he wanted nothing to do with the only NFL team he's ever known, you're probably not surprised by what he said. Nevertheless, it's always encouraging to read a player speak well of the franchise, and I find it hard to believe the Texans will let their CB-turned-FS go anywhere.