2013 Texans Mock Draft Attempt (with compensatory picks)

Taking a leap and putting out an early Texans mock attempt for comments/critiques. Be gentle...

I've added 3rd, 5th, and 6th round compensatory picks that Lance Zierlein anticipates the Texans receiving for their FA losses from last off season. My player draft positioning is guestimated from various site's predictions. I also just read the post on Rick Smith's draft habits :)

1st Round (27) - Arthur Brown ILB, Kansas State: Rising ILB prospect to fill biggest hole on D, should hopefully still be available at 27.

2nd Round (27) - Quinton Patton WR, Louisiana Tech: Early returns have him performing well against the competition from the big schools. With Posey's injury/slow development of the young WRs and Walters getting older, it may be worth it to take another shot at WR.

3rd Round (27) - Ricky Wagner OT, Wisconsin: This fulfills the pipeline pick. And he's played both tackle spots. The hope is he develops into the bookend RT needed, although it sounds like he lacks good lateral quickness.

3rd Round (compensatory) - Bacarri Rambo FS, Georgia: Solid prospect to reinforce the secondary and also to hedge against GQ leaving. Although if we lose GQ in FA, I'd expect FS to be prioritized to one of the first 2 picks (Vaccaro).

4th Round (27) - Kevin Reddick ILB, North Carolina: Positive returns so far during pre-draft activities, adds ILB depth and brings ILB into multi-pick territory to fix soft belly of defense. Should at least add talent to special teams.

5th Round (27) - Kwame Geathers DT, Georgia: Big DT to satiate all the chubby chasers out there. Perhaps undervalued coming from a talent-rich Georgia D and being a back up to one of the top DT prospects this year in John Jenkins.

5th Round (compensatory) - Michael Mauti OLB, Penn State: To add depth to 2nd team linebackers and special teams, hopefully pedigree of LBU holds true.

6th Round (27) - Tyrann Mathieu CB, LSU: A lot of soul-searching with this pick. His off the field issues are significant as is his talent. If he was to fall all the way to the 6th, the reward outweighs the risk. Where is the highest you would draft him?

6th Round (compensatory) - Etienne Sabino OLB, Ohio State: The 4th LB to be taken, again to add depth and bodies to special teams. A top prospect that flamed out in college only to come on and flash a little potential late.

7th Round (27) - Zach Boren FB, Ohio State: Could join Sabino on the practice squad. Thought it might be worth it to add another versatile player for special teams and see if he can supplant Casey as FB and free him up for more TE duties.

Parting thoughts: I have LB-drafting fatigue. It appears that adding 10 rookies to a team looking to compete for the Super Bowl is perplexing unless you're the Pats. This could be a year where the Texans bundle some picks to jump up for someone they feel can help them get over the hump.