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Former Texans Playing In The Super Bowl: How Does That Strike You?

When the Ravens play the 49ers in the big game in New Orleans, three former Texans will be fighting for a ring. How do Texans fans feel about that?


In a little more than a week, the Baltimore Ravens will play the San Francisco 49ers for the championship. Three former members of your Houston Texans--Jacoby Jones, Bernard Pollard, and Vonta Leach--will be a part of the Super Bowl and could conceivably end up with a ring.

Leach was fairly beloved during his time in Houston and left over money the Texans were never going to offer him, so I'm not sure there's much in the way of hard feelings for him. Pollard was a big hitter and a great interview during his time in Houston; I doubt there's too much animus directed at him from former Texans fans.

But Jakespeare? I don't necessarily see the Texans' fan base wishing him well, especially not so soon after the 2011 playoff loss, and especially not with the Ravens.

How does the thought of Leach, Pollard, and Jacoby getting fitted for a ring strike you? Does it stir any feelings at all?