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NFL Draft 2013: Which Position Needs Help Most, Right Tackle Or Inside Linebacker?

What will it be, Texans fans, a new first-round right tackle or a new first-round inside linebacker?

J.J. Watt, American. So true.
J.J. Watt, American. So true.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The fun of the NFL Draft is that is sort of puts everyone on a level field, mostly. After all, you are trying to find the best NFL prospects based on keen observation and analysis, but in the end, it really is a guessing game. Right now, you can make the case for any prospect if you can support your claims.

The Draft fun delves off into a great debate full of: "Prospect X is great," and "Prospect X sucks!" "We need Position A," and "Position B is more important!" "Mock Drafter 1 says this," versus "Mock Drafter 2 is better!" "FLEENER," or "HILL!" And so on and so forth.

Right now, the early debate seems to be focused on which position the Houston Texans should draft first: Right Tackle or Inside Linebacker. There are some fringe voices saying tight end, wide receiver, and outside linebacker, but we'll really boil this debate down to replacing Derek Newton or replacing Bradie James.

Vote in the poll, make your case for which position needs the improvement in the comments. Consider this a Friday Free-For-All/helping all those mock drafters get a pulse on what Houston needs more.

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