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Super Bowl Recipes: Got Any?

If you've got a Super Bowl recipe you'd like to share, or if you just want to check out a link to the recipes provided by several others, this is the post for you.

Michael Heiman

For many of the people who watch the Super Bowl each year, the game is secondary. Primary is the Super Bowl Party, and the chief feature of that extravaganza is the menu. SB Nation has an active hub for readers to contribute their Super Bowl recipes, and I know for a fact that there are several extraordinary chefs in the BRB community. Thus, I have little doubt that a BRBer or four has a recipe of his or her own to add to the collection.

If you've got a recipe that you believe is worth sharing, kindly do it in the Comments below. There's a decent chance it gets put to good use by another member of our community this weekend.