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NFL playoff schedule 2013: Bengals v. Texans

If you're reading this when it publishes, we're four hours away from the first NFL playoff game between the Bengals and Texans. If you're reading this sometime after it publishes, you're even closer to nirvana. Regardless, jump in and talk Texans-Bengals in BRB's Countdown to Kickoff.

Bob Levey

When this post hits the front page, your Houston Texans will be four hours away from kicking off (or receiving, naturally) to/from the Cincinnati Bengals for the start of the 2013 NFL playoffs.

Should the Texans win, they'll head to New England to face the Patriots in the divisional round. Should they lose, the offseason has the potential to be far uglier than any one we've ever seen as Texans fans.

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This is your thread to talk Bengals-Texans up until 3:15 p.m. CST, at which time the first open game thread will post.

The game kicks off at 3:30 p.m. CST and it will be aired on NBC. The Texans are 4.5-point favorites over the Bengals.

Chatter as you deem fit.

It's not too late to attend today's game at Reliant Stadium. Click here for Houston Texans tickets.