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Texans-Bengals, Houston Still Leads 16-10 After Three Quarters (Open Thread)

The third quarter of the first Wild Card game of the weekend is in the books. This is your fourth quarter open thread for Cincinnati-Houston.

This is a man.
This is a man.
Bob Levey

The Houston Texans proved they could score an offensive touchdown. It was not just some myth or legend from an ancient past, either. Running back Arian Foster, thanks to a beautiful block by fullback James Casey, popped in a one-yard run with 10:31 remaining in the third quarter.

The Cincinnati Bengals did discover they had A.J. Green on the roster and targeted him six times in the quarter. Three of those catches came on one drive to spark Cincinnati's offense to lie and set up a field goal. However, Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton went to the well one too many times and a misfire to Green turned into a Johnathan Joseph interception, his second in two years against his former team in the postseason.

The Texans are currently sitting at third and goal on Cincinnati's 11-yard line. Will they score a touchdown or does Shayne Graham get a chance at field goal number four? Stay tuned.

This is your fourth quarter open thread. Keep calm and finish strong, Texans fans.