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NFP: Defending New England's Play Action Pass

Matt Bowen breaks down the film from Houston's Week 14 disaster in New England to show exactly how Tom Brady shredded the Texans with the play action game.

Not a bad quarterback.
Not a bad quarterback.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a fan of Brett Kollmann's fantastic film breakdowns, I strongly recommend that you check out Matt Bowen's work on precisely how the Patriots destroyed the Texans with play action in their Week 14 matchup. Bowen concludes the article as follows:

This is a crucial week in the film room for the Texans’ defense and I’m interested to see Phillips’ game plan on Sunday vs. Brady. But what we are looking at here is more about discipline than scheme. And the Texans will play a much better brand of football on defense if they focus on their base run/pass keys vs. play action. As a coach would say: “Keep your eyes on your work.”

In Wade We Trust.