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Checking The Pulse: Texans Fans On Matt Schaub

We've had a couple days to reflect on what happened at Reliant Stadium on Sunday when the Texans blew a double-digit lead to the Seahawks. How do Texans fans feel about Matt Schaub now?

Nowhere to hide.
Nowhere to hide.
Thomas B. Shea

It was a terrible decision. It was an awful throw. It was inexcusable on virtually every level at which we can examine the situation.

All Matt Schaub had to do was fall down. That's all. JUST FALL THE ^%*@ DOWN. It would be fourth down, the clock would either run or the Seahawks would be forced to burn a timeout, and the Texans would then send Shane Lechler out to punt. Assuming the Texans didn't completely screw the pooch covering the punt (hi, Tandon Doss!), Seattle would have to march nearly the length of the field to score a touchdown. Even without Brian Cushing on the field, the odds would have been stacked in the Texans' favor in such a scenario.

Matt Schaub screwed up. Like he screwed up with the pick-six to Daryl Smith in Baltimore the week before, and like he screwed up with the pick-six to Alterraun Verner against Bud Adams' Army of Darkness the week before.

You were furious. I was furious. Matt Schaub didn't look furious in his postgame press conference; he somehow looked worse. Crushed. Forlorn. Defeated. Broken. Fully aware that his decision to throw the ball to throw the ball to Owen Daniels instead of simply falling down cost his team the game.

Hard as it may be to fathom, considering how bummed you were (and likely still are) about how the Texans blew that game to Seattle, Schaub took it worse than any fan did. We are emotionally invested in what happens on Sundays--too emotionally invested in something that is totally out of our control, I'd say, and I'm as guilty of it as anyone despite recognizing the folly of that stance--but we're not in the locker room. We're not on the practice field. We're not in the meeting rooms. We don't know how Schaub's teammates responded to his gaffe(s), either in the locker room after the game or in the days since. Although all of us would have loved to be a fly on the wall for yesterday's players-only meeting, what we think ultimately doesn't matter.

To the Texans, anyway. But I am curious as to what you, the Texans fan, thinks of Matt Schaub today after you've had a little time to digest and process what happened on Sunday and what's happened the first quarter of the season. Thus, I dust off the old meme of "checking the pulse" and ask you to sound off in the poll below, and then to explain how you're feeling about Matt Schaub in the Comments. Let's clear the air as the good guys prepare for the 49ers on Sunday night.

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