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Texans v. Rams: Thursday Post-Practice Quotes From Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Ed Reed, And More

Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Ed Reed (especially Ed Reed), and others spoke with the media after the team finished practice on Thursday afternoon. See what they had to say about the state of the team, injuries, and the game against the Rams on Sunday.

"Well, whenever I'm confused, I just check my underwear. It holds the answer to all the important questions."
"Well, whenever I'm confused, I just check my underwear. It holds the answer to all the important questions."
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Lots of information about injuries and who may not be ready to play when the Texans taken on the Rams Sunday at Reliant Stadium. Oh, and Ed Reed talked. And talked. And then talked some more.

As always, here's a link to the complete transcript via the team's official site. I've pasted a few of the more intriguing quotes below.

Gary Kubiak:

(on if he’s more confident about G Brandon Brooks starting today) "Yeah, let me go watch. We had a play count on him in practice. He took all his plays that we asked him to take. He and Duane (Brown) and Wade (Smith) are all kind of the same when we practice and we went back in our pads today. All indications are that he’s working toward being ready to go on Sunday. The guys that didn’t practice were Andre (Johnson), Keshawn (Martin), Darryl Sharpton and Tim Dobbins."

(on if he considers WR Andre Johnson a game-time decision) "I would definitely think so, just with where we’re at right now, just with him practicing on Fridays. I may feel different about that tomorrow after I watch him move around. The process we’re going through, I think we have to assume that."

(on his returners and what the plan is) "Well, I’ve got to see where Keshawn (Martin) is at, number one. I’m hoping Keshawn practices some tomorrow. If he doesn’t, Shiloh (Keo) will return punts and Danieal Manning is ready to go back and return kicks. That’s kind of where we’re at right now. But we’ll see where Keshawn’s at tomorrow."

(on if WR DeVier Posey would play in the slot if WR Keshawn Martin is unable to play) "Well, yeah. Assuming if Andre (Johnson’s) there and Keshawn wasn’t, Posey would be there. Yeah, Posey’s practiced well. He had good work today. He continues to come along I think and is actually doing some things on special teams for us, too."

Wade Phillips:

(on the inability to force many turnovers early in the season) "I always say, if you’re ahead, you’re going to have a chance for more turnovers. They only threw it 15 times last game and only completed six, but you just don’t have as many chances for interceptions when they don’t throw it much. We’ve just got to knock the ball loose. We keep working on those things. They’ll come through for us."

(on the red zone defense struggles) "That was early. We’ve done better since then, certainly. Like I said last week when we had the turnover on the 21-yard line and then we stopped them three downs and then they kicked a field goal. It’s not a red zone stop stat-wise, but you know. We’ve stopped them a lot better in the red zone. We had a good goal line stand this last week."

(on if he ever talks to Gary Kubiak about what he sees from QB Matt Schaub in practice) "No. I try to coach my own position. My dad always said, ‘Don’t coach out of turn.’ Better to look at yourself first and that’s what we try to do."

Brandon Brooks:

(on the extent of his injury) "Just the same as Duane (Brown’s), just a toe sprain. That’s pretty much it. Just sat here and got treatment and stuff."

(on if he’s 100 percent or at least better) "Yeah, night and day difference. The guys in the training room do a real good job. Under their tutelage, got me back out there this week."

Ed Reed (the most talkative I've seen him since he signed with Houston):

(on if he thought the Ravens would be able to rebound after their loss to the Texans last season) "We never wavered. Like I told D. Manning when I first got here. Like I told these guys after we played Baltimore this year, it felt like the same situation, I’m just on the other side. We knew that we were going to grow to that situation. We know now that we’re going to grow through this situation."

(on if he sees parallels to Joe Flacco’s struggles and Matt Schaub’s struggles) "I told Matt it’s exactly the same thing of what Joe went through. When we played Houston (in the 2011 playoffs) when I was with Baltimore, I made a comment that Joe was rattled. The fact of the matter was he was. We were as a defense as well. If you go back and watch that game, when I made that comment, I also said I was rattled because on that first play, if T.J. (Yates) doesn’t throw that ball to Andre (Johnson) and sees Kevin Walter, if I’m not mistaken, in the end zone wide open, it would’ve been a touchdown and different ballgame. I see the same situation and I told Matt, me and Matt talked about it a good bit. Though his situation is a little different with fans and everything, that’s a little overboard because at the end of the day, this is just a game. If someone is representing your home team, you’ve got to love them through thick and thin. I’m a fan of sports as well. When somebody is doing bad, I know fans hurt like we hurt when we lose games, but no one hurts like the person who is going through it. You can never compare it to the pain that they’re going through when something happens, man, like losing someone. It’s like how do you answer, how do you comment on that? It’s always tough for all of us to comment on somebody when they’ve lost someone because you’re just not feeling their pain though you have lost someone. But at that particular time, it’s hard to relate."

(on the importance of sticking together when going through tough times as a team) "We understand that this is a season. We understand that we’re right where we need to be. We’re right where we’re supposed to be for a reason. We’re still focused on a task at hand, and we know what that goal is. That goal is to win as many games as we can, get in the playoffs and be on the same track as every other team that wants to be come January. The playoffs, and playing for an invitation to the big dance, they only let 12 teams in. We’re playing for that opportunity, but right now we focus on St. Louis. That’s what we’ve been doing the whole time, one focus. One goal. One sound. One band. We need the city to be that way too, regardless of situations, mistakes. We need to that 12th man this week against St. Louis. If you want to come out and you want to come to Matt’s house, make sure you scream when St. Louis is coming to the stadium or when anyone is coming to the stadium."

(on if the city of Baltimore ever started to turn on the team last year) "It’s not nearly the whole city; it’s always a couple of people. It’s always a couple of people that feel like they’re the coaches, that they’re right here in the locker room, that they’re the ones working. You’re not in the gym with us. You’re not in the gym. I don’t really know how to take it because I’ve been on that side. I am a fan too and I know how much support (matters). Just like this is our livelihood, for some people, I hate to say it, it’s their livelihood. They’re putting the pennies on it, but we’re not telling you to put the pennies on it. You’re putting your pennies on something that’s not guaranteed. It’s a game. A game is not guaranteed to supply those pennies for you if you’re sitting on your couch right now playing fantasy football. I hate to say it, it’s the truth. It’s the truth. But at the same time, we’re here to win. You’re not going to be that perfect team. This is the NFL. You’re just not going to be that perfect team. Somebody undefeated right now will be beaten."

(on if he’s where he wants to be physically right now) "No, I’m not, but I’m getting there. It’s only getting better. I had a little setback with these quarterbacks trying to take me out. In the San Francisco game, I had my MCL, but it’s getting better, better by the week."

(on what he did to the MCL) "Just nicked it up a little bit."

Antonio Smith:

(on if the team’s attitude is a hacked off attitude right now) "I wouldn’t say that. I think that, like I said, we came into this week, into the team meeting with Kub (Gary Kubiak), empty and waiting to be filled with what the plan is. And we heard the plan and everybody’s buying in on the plan. Everybody had fun kind of getting back into the groove of having fun practicing and getting ready for a game. It was almost like a re-start or whatever."

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