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Houston Texans Injuries: Andre Johnson Will Play Against Rams On Sunday

The best player in Texans' franchise history quelled the fears of fans and fantasy football owners alike by confirming that he's going to play on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Since suffering a shin injury in the Week Three shellacking at the hands of the Ravens in Baltimore, Andre Johnson has been a frequent guest on the Texans' injury report. He has not, however, missed a game. Nor will 'Dre miss Sunday's game against the Rams at Reliant Stadium, says Andre Johnson:

"After watching the game last week, you can see I was dragging my leg when I was trying to run and stuff like that," Johnson said. "But today, I went out there and practiced and I felt like I got my range of motion back and stuff a little bit. It’s the best I’ve felt so far since I’ve had the injury. I’ll be out there."

See? Everything's gonna be alright!

/takes pull from whiskey bottle

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