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Texans-Rams Final Score: This Is Rock Bottom, Right?

The 2013 Houston Texans sunk to new lows. It's bad, guys, real bad.

At least the Yates crowd is silenced.
At least the Yates crowd is silenced.
Bob Levey

This is the kind of game that puts people on notice. When your team has struggled all season and is already coming off an embarrassing loss, this is the kind of game that should cost someone their job. 

I'm not going to sit here and talk about another game riddled with penalties or bad red zone offense or turnovers leading to touchdowns (by both T.J. Yates and the kick return team). It's pointless though. It's the same story as it has been all season. The Houston Texans are 4-2 in beating themselves this year. This team, this veteran team, inexcusably just cannot get out of their own way. Penalties ending drives, penalties extending drives of their opponents, blown coverages, missed tackles, interceptions, fumbles, and bad play calling. 

People keep looking for reasons why this team is struggling, but it's the entire team's problem. There's some talent deficient areas, some outdated coaching schemes, and talent that has regressed and is getting frustrated.

Change has to come. The on-field product is deteriorating rapidly while national sportswriters are clowning and laughing at the franchise on Twitter. Even the University of Houston, that noted football powerhouse, took a subtle shot at the Texans. I haven't even begun to dive in on those "fans" who cheered Matt Schaub getting hurt or threw ice at him after he left the game.

This is rock bottom, true Texans fans. I mean, it's not as if people will take the words of an out-of-work quarterback and run with them, right?

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