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Battle Red Radio, Episode XLVIII: The Death of Schaubiak

You've read our words, now hear our voices in this week's episode of Battle Red Radio.

Scott Halleran

Another Wednesday, another 65 minutes of Battle Red Radio to soothe one's ears. Matt Weston is joined by a special guest, teh Grind Crusher, in this week's episode. They talk about why Houston keeps losing football games, the fate of Schaubiak, and the Week Seven matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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It's not an episode of Howard Stern, but there are a few profanities here and there and most involve a monkey's fecal matter.

Additionally, after the bye week, we plan on taking this gig live so we can answer your questions as the show goes on. Below is the embedded player if you would like to listen in the BRB browser; the Blog Talk Radio link is here.While you are at it, subscribe on ITunes so you'll never miss our lovely voices and can take it on the go.

Rams vs Texans coverage

Texans vs Chiefs coverage