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Battle Red Blazin' Hot NFL Picks: Week 7 - No Longer A Bull Market

Week 7 is around the corner and it's that time again. Check out Battle Red Blog's weekly NFL picks brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. Also, catch an update on BRB's Pick ' Em and Survival leagues.

My face when the Panthers pulled through for me as underdogs last week.
My face when the Panthers pulled through for me as underdogs last week.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, a bounce-back week of sorts for your boy Corzo with a score of 10-5 for Week 6. This helped me crawl back into the very prestigious top 42. Baby steps. After a poor showing the last few weeks, can the Texans follow my lead and bounce back as well? Definitely maybe.

Let's take a look at how Week 6 shook up the leaderboard.

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 Swikky 56 5 56-22
2 Eggshellman 55 7 55-23
3 Wade's World 55 6 55-21
4 STEELBLUE 55 7 55-21
5 XRoadie 54 5 54-22
6 STXBoomer 53 8 53-25
7 HTown80 53 7 53-25
8 mefjr 53 6 53-23
9 Blow Schaubs for everybody 53 0 53-25
10 oiler-texan diehard 53 7 53-25
... ... ... ... ...
42 Corzo 48 7 48-29

Swikky is our new leader with a tenuous one-point lead over a three-way tie at second. Hometown favorite "Blow Schaubs for everybody" is in danger of falling out of the top 10. Keep it up, homies.

Onward to the picks! I'm not picking with the spread.

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals (+6.5)

Larry Fitzgerald is hampered by a sore hamstring and is hoping to play after a short week of rest tonight. Seattle is still dripping with talent despite the minor struggles they've had here and there. Winner: Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons (-7)

One team has been ravaged by injuries while the other has been ravaged by an outbreak of MRSA. These teams have a combined one win between them. Someone has to win, and I'll favor the team with a proven quarterback instead of a rookie. Winner: Falcons

Cincinnati Bengals @ Detroit Lions (-2.5)

Two up-and-comers in their respective conferences. Somehow, the Detroit Lions look like the more complete team. I really can't pinpoint something to favor one team other than Detroit's homefield advantage. If the Lions can keep forcing turnovers (13 so far, 4th in the league), they should eek out a close victory. Winner: Lions

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins (-8.5)

Somehow, Ryan Tannehill has been sacked more than anyone in the league despite the fact that not all teams have had their bye week yet. Conicidentally, they'll be facing the Buffalo Bills, who feature our old pal Mario Williams and his eight sacks so far this season.

However, with a full week of preparation after their off week, I expect the Dolphins to come out strong against a Bills team that has lost six in a row on the road. Winner: Dolphins

New England Patriots @ New York Jets (+4)

Is Rob Gronkowski finally back? Does it even matter? Like the Borg are wont to do, Tom Brady and the Patriots have adapted to his absence as their duo of rookie receivers learn on the fly. I will never underestimate Bill Belichick and his ability to mold and remold his team to fit the talent he has at his disposal. Winner Patriots

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles (-1)

I'm still impressed with Tony Romo's ability to keep pace with Peyton Manning two weeks ago. This week he'll have to keep pace with an offense that is nearly as potent, albeit against a defense that is much softer. I sold the Eagles short last week, so I realize I may be doing the same again; still, I'll trust Romo on the road more than young Nick Foles. Winner: Cowboys

Chicago Bears @ Washington Redskins (-1)

I think Robert Griffin the turd finally gets over the post-injury hump and returns to his RGIII form with a close victory over the Chicago Bears at home. I don't feel like overthinking it a hunch. Winner: Redskins

St. Louis Rams @ Carolina Panthers (-6)

Cam Newton is a functioning quarterback in today's NFL backed up by a fearsome defense lead by the impressive MLB Luke Kuechly. There's no way they have the same troubles that the Texans did against the lowly Rams. Winner: Panthers

San Diego Chargers @ Jacksonvile Jaguars (+7.5)

My survival pick this week. Surprise! There's simply no reason to not pick against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Despite whatever moral victories the Jaguars achieved last week, the team is simply talent-starved. Winner: Chargers

San Francisco 49ers @ Tennessee Titans (+4)

As an objective observer, I so badly wanted to pick the upset here, but the loss of Jake Locker has dramatically affected the Titans' offense. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been intercepted four times in two games after Locker threw zero in 3 1/2 games. Chris Johnson has been next to useless as well behind that revamped offensive line. Winner: 49ers

Cleveland Browns @ Green Bay Packers (-10)

The Browns are another team I do not envy. As a fan, It's got to be frustrating to watch Brandon Weeden again after having Brian Hoyer taken away with a torn ACL. Aaron Rodgers has lost Randall Cobb and possibly James Jones as targets, and the Browns have a tough defense, but they should pose little threat otherwise. Winner: Packers

Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5)

Gaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaa! Whoever starts at quarterback for the Texans will be running into a big, red buzzsaw surrounded by the loudest group of barbecue-smeared drunkards you've ever heard. The Chiefs have a +12 turnover ratio while the Texans have a mathematically opposite -12 ratio. You have to laugh if only to hold back the tears. Winner: Chiefs

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5)

The Ravens can't run the ball. Like at all. They're only better than Jacksonville at his point with their 31st ranked 2.7 yards per carry. Over the past three weeks, Joe Flacco has thrown for more than 300 yards per game; he's also thrown six interceptions in that time at around his usual 55% accuracy rate. I'll give the Steelers the home edge against their hated rival. Winner: Steelers

Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts (+6.5)

Keep your old team within striking distance, please, Peyton. Disregarding my obvious bias, it seems nearly impossible to slow down the Denver Broncos. At this point, they should only worry about peaking too early, especially with Manning's tendency towards first-round playoff exits. For now, regular season Manning is in full effect. Winner: Broncos

Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants (-3)

OK, this has to be the Giants' first victory, right? Winner: Giants

Survival Pick: San Diego Chargers

Auf Wiedersehen to the four of you who chose the Texans to beat the Rams. We all admire your loyalty, but...

I'll miss you the most, FreedomRide. STEELBLUE, I'll miss you the least.


Hey, yo, leave your thoughts and picks in the Comments below. Happy Thursday.

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