Week Six Thingy - The Implosion

Pass the bleach - Photoshop via Barryfromtexas

What I learned this week is that apparently BRB has one of the largest collections of football experts* I have ever seen. Seriously, look around and you will see that we have at least dozens of experts* who know exactly what is wrong with the Texans and well, very few know how to fix it other than drafting a QB and, um firing the head coach. As far as a real fix - you know, as to who to hire: I haven't seen but a few names thrown out there - and that is exactly what they are: they are "thrown out there."

I will try my best to avoid too many specifics. The game sucked - no need to re-live it. When the team plays that bad - I would not be surprised to find out they didn't even bother to watch video of the game (TV folks love to say film - but they haven't used films in years).

Normally, when the defense isn't on the field a long time - it plays well. Last Sunday was not normal.

I will not pretend to be an expert, and I did not get to observe this year's training camp. However, I will say that I doubt it was all that different from the training camps I observed and the team was well prepared for the season.

The line "The team wasn't prepared for the season" can be thrown out there ( I already have said my piece about this kind of thing). The team was prepared as well, maybe even better than 2011 and 2012. I really wish the "experts" would just admit they don't know why the team has imploded. If they really did (or do) then they would be making millions as NFL football consultants. OK, I have said my rant.

Sometimes you just have to enjoy the Pick Six.

Useless factoid from the game:

Replay Official: Nemmers, Larry


Number of drops by Keshawn Martin in the game, well, not including the football he dropped whilst returning a kick. It is also the number of drops by Lestar Jean. There were a lot of other zeros too, but we will move on.


Career Yards for Arian Foster


The difference in the Number of offensive play s between the Texans and Rams - yes, the Texans had 28 more.


More first downs the Texans had than the Rams

Statistically, there is no reason the Rams should have won the game.

Be Careful of What You Ask

You just may get it. Maybe you already have.

Next man up!

Why isn't this the mantra when some goes down this year? - Seriously - Why not?

This Week's Power Rankings

Texans Cheerleaders

Arian Foster's Performance this year (maybe this should be 1st)

Tito's Vodka - It is pretty damned good
Free Pizza (Pizza is good - free pizza is better)
Finding a dollar on the sidewalk - pretty good deal, but not that big of a deal

Musical reference:

NFL "Advanced" Helmet Testing (hoping Roger Goodell is the one in the helmet)

Or Maybe this is NFL concussion testing - not sure just yet.
Migraine Headaches (Perhaps from NFL Advanced Helmet testing)
Texans Performance against the Rams
Idiot fans Cheering Schaub's injury

Random Youtube video:

Unleash the Kraken!



Week Five Thingy

*expert - also known as ex-spurt

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