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Which Kansas City Chiefs Player Would Houston Texans Fans Most Want?

Your Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Which Chiefs player would you take right now and put on the Texans?

My, how far the Texans' QB situation has fallen that Alex Smith would (rightfully) be a big upgrade.
My, how far the Texans' QB situation has fallen that Alex Smith would (rightfully) be a big upgrade.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

In honor of your 2-4 Houston Texans traveling to Kansas City for a contest against the Chiefs on Sunday, I ask you, Texans fans:

Which current player on the Kansas City Chiefs' roster would you most want to see playing for the Texans right now?

Given the, ahem, "struggles" at QB, you could rightfully answer that question with "Alex Smith" without any hesitation. Say what you will about Smith, but he doesn't turn the ball over (or hasn't since 2011, anyway). Matt Schaub and, in an admittedly limited sample size, T.J. Yates have given the football to the opposition like it's going out of style this year. There's a lot to be said for having a QB who doesn't score points for the other team. It's totally underrated.

Me, though? I answer the question with "Justin Houston." Ten sacks last year, and he's already got 9.5 sacks in six games this year. Imagine that guy coming off the edge in Wade Phillips' defense. Houston wouldn't solve the Texans' issues on offense, but he would instantly improve a defense that has trouble getting consistent pressure from its outside linebackers, which would in turn perhaps force a turnover or two...something else the Texans' defense has not done much of this year. Being on one side of the turnover equation so frequently in 2013, it'd be nice to see things from the other side.

What say you? Smith? Houston? Jamaal Charles? Someone else? Provide your answer in the Comments.

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