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BREAKING NEWS: Case Keenum Will Start At QB For Texans Versus Chiefs

From record-setting college QB to undrafted rookie free agent to inactive third string QB to starting quarterback. Gary Kubiak has announced Case Keenum will be the Texans' starting QB when Houston plays the Chiefs in Kansas City on Sunday.

The starting QB for your Houston Texans this week.
The starting QB for your Houston Texans this week.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Why is the Texans' third-string QB, a guy who's never played a regular season snap in the NFL, starting at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, you ask? Well, because of this:

And then presumably because Gary Kubiak thinks Case Keenum gives the Texans a better chance to upset the Chiefs than T.J. Yates.

Wow. I'm not saying this isn't the right call, considering Schaub can't go on Sunday. I am saying that it goes against everything we know about Gary Kubiak. Going with the untested and unknown over the known quantity, even when that known quantity looked awful against the Rams?

Wow. Share your opinion in the Comments.  Case Keenum is the starting quarterback for your Houston Texans.  Wow.

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