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Deep Steel Blueprint: #Tank4Tahj Or #Tank4Teddy Or #Tank4TheFuture

Have the Houston Texans begun following the Blueprint for dynasty building? At 2-4 and with a game against the undefeated Chiefs on deck, it's as good a time to ask that question as any.

Will this happen a lot on Sunday?
Will this happen a lot on Sunday?
Stephen Dunn

So, Houston Texans, you've decided to tank your season and start third string quarterback Case Keenum in notorious Arrowhead Stadium against the 6-0 Kansas City Chiefs.

Wait, what's that? Give him a chance? If anyone has read anything from me during the Pick-Six Marathon, you will know that I haven't been a believer in Case. I won't change that to blind optimism now. I simply do not operate that way, nor do I back off of an opinion.

On Sunday, I expect the Chiefs to stack the box, play man coverage, and dare the young Keenum to beat them deep. Frankly, I don't believe Keenum has the deep ball ability to force the Chiefs to play honest defense nor do I really believe Texans head coach Gary Kubiak will allow Keenum to play beyond a a few short and intermediate throws. In my eyes, Sunday is shaping up to be the beginning of the end for this current Texans team.

At 2-5, the Texans would have little-to-no realistic shot at the playoffs. No playoffs likely signals a change at quarterback, maybe head coach, and there's some aging or ineffective talent that will not be re-signed.

Is tanking to a top-10 draft pick necessarily a bad thing? In a division where Andrew Luck and another soon-to-be top-five drafted quarterback will reside for the next 10 years, is it terrible to take advantage of this stellar class of quarterbacks and grab one to lead your franchise alongside J.J. Watt? This is a star-driven, quarterback-driven league, so trading one bad year for a great decade sounds like a net win to me. After all, that's what Indianapolis did, didn't they?

Come Sunday night, I, along with other non-Keenum believers, could be eating crow. Is that really the best outcome for the franchise? Do you want a win and some false hope now or is the best blueprint for future success rooting for the Draft pundits to be right about Mr. Keenum and Houston to continue putting up duds?

Sound off in the comments below, BRBers.

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