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Houston Texans Injuries: Duane Brown Returns To Practice, But Now Brandon Brooks' Status Is In Question

The Texans received some positive news on Wednesday when their All-Pro left tackle returned to the practice field. Unfortunately, their offensive line remains a question mark with the news that another offensive lineman is battling injury.

Note:  Brandon Brooks was not injured on this play.
Note: Brandon Brooks was not injured on this play.
Larry French

Duane Brown returned to the practice field today. Huzzah!

"Duane participated today," Kubiak said. "We were pretty light in what we did, so that I could get everybody involved."

"Duane did everything," Kubiak said. "He actually stayed out there a little bit extra. It was a big step in the right direction. But he's still day-to-day."

Man, that's great. Looks like the Texans just might have their offensive line intact and ready to go on Sun--. Oh, fiddlesticks.

Starting right guard Brandon Brooks missed practice Wednesday with a toe injury. Brooks was injured during Sunday's loss to the Seahawks. He, along with linebacker Tim Dobbins, was not on the field at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

When asked about Brooks' availability for the Sunday night matchup with the 49ers, head coach Gary Kubiak was uncertain.

"I don’t know," Kubiak said. "He didn’t practice today. He’s battling a toe. We’ll see where he’s at each day."

What is it with the Texans' offensive line and toe maladies this year? And why doesn't Geoff Kaplan have a bucket of spare toes at the ready?

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