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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Broncos at Colts

If nothing else, you can always root for a meteor. Talk about Denver-Indianapolis as it unfolds in Battle Red Blog's Sunday Night Football Open Thread.

If looks could kill...
If looks could kill...
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Slipping between the NFL news cycle this past week was a delicious little storyline. Former Indianapolis Colt legend Peyton Manning is returning to The House That 18 Built in Indianapolis to face his former franchise. It's not like the NFL to miss a storyline, but I have not heard a peep about this all week.

I can only imagine how many cutaways to current Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay we will see tonight when Manning throws a touchdown. If you were into drinking games, you would take a shot every time this happened. If you are just tuning in to your local NBC affiliate then consider yourself lucky for missing Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison saying a lot of meaningless words. Pro-Tip: Change the game at halftime to miss some pointless Manning-related diatribe from Bob Costas.

Carrie Underwood tells me you have been waiting all day for this Sunday night open forum to talk about the AFC West leading Manningful Denver Broncos taking on the AFC South leading Manningless Indianapolis Colts. Have at it, BRBers.