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Countdown to Kickoff: Texans v. Chiefs

This is where you want to be as you wait for the Texans to take the field against the Kansas City Chiefs in the "loudest stadium in the world." Feel free to drop your wisdom (or pants) here about the upcoming game.

Houston's own.
Houston's own.
Stephen Dunn

Hello, good afternoon, and welcome to the prelude to the Case Keenum Experience.

Please keep your hands and feet inside at all times during the ride.

Please feel free to have plenty of alcoholic substances on hand as this ride will be jarring and more than a little scary.

Other than that, the usual rules apply; it's your one stop shop for talking about the Texans and Chiefs, and what you hope to see in this afternoon's game, what you expect to see in this afternoon's game, and whether the twain shall ever meet.

Go Texans, win this one for Bum! Win this one for Texas! Win this one so my Chiefs friends won't hold this over me until freakin' Ragnarok!

Your gameday talking time!

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