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Texans-Chiefs Open Thread Part Deux: Arian Foster Out, Houston Trails 14-10

Discuss the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, and their Week Seven match-up live in Battle Red Blog's second real-time open game day thread.

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Well, Arian Foster left the game with a hamstring injury after a few carries. He's currently in street clothes and out for the rest of the game. Ben Tate is the only active running back for today's game, so he has certainly got the opportunity he has always wanted.

What else has happened you ask? Well, the defense gave up a 97-yard touchdown drive. This is the third drive of 97 or more yards that the Houston defense has allowed this season. Kansas City also had an 82-yard touchdown drive, so maybe people want to stop giving them a pass? The former Bulls On Parade have no sacks, no forced turnovers, and I stopped counting how many tackles Jamaal Charles has avoided. The Chiefs own everything between the hashes so far.

However, the Texans are only down 14-10 on the road. Why is that? Well, Case Keenum has made a few nice throws. Of note, Keenum found DeAndre Hopkins for a nice 29-yard touchdown, the first of Keenum's young career. Keenum has gone 8-for-12 for 151 yards, for those wanting to know. 

Here's your second half open thread, BRBers. Let the world see your brilliance...or at least your comments.

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