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Texans-Chiefs Open Thread Part Trois: Brian Cushing Out, Too; Texans Trail 17-16

Discuss the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, and their Week Seven match-up live in Battle Red Blog's third real-time open game day thread.

He looks tiny.
He looks tiny.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The third quarter went okay as both the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs added field goals to make the score 17-16 in favor of the Chiefs, but that was not the big news coming out of the third quarter.

About midway through, Texans inside linebacker Brian Cushing was coming in on Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith when Jamaal Charles made a legal cut block below the knees. I have to stress that the block was clean, heads up, and legal. It was not a dirty play at all, not like last year's play which ended Cushing's season. Charles hit Cushing's knee awkwardly and it didn't look like a normal knee, to put it mildly. 

Cushing was writing on the field in clear pain and could not walk off the field under his own power or put any weight on his injured leg. He was immediately carted off and is out for the fourth quarter. An already struggling Texans defense is now without their heart and soul.

Can the Texans defense rally around their hurt captain? Can Case Keenum do just enough to squeeze out some more points? Will another Texan get hurt? Sound off in the comments below, BRBers. It's the fourth quarter.

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