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Ben Tate Injury: Four Broken Ribs, Expects To Play Against Colts

The Texans' backup running back informed the Associated Press exactly how badly he was hurt in the loss to the Chiefs yesterday.

Peter Aiken

Yesterday, Arian Foster got hurt early in the first quarter of the loss in Kansas City. Then Ben Tate got hurt, leaving the Texans with no running backs available (we now know Cierre Wood had been sent home before kickoff) and forcing Greg Jones to briefly recall his days at Florida State as a halfback. Tate returned to action, but it was clear he wasn't firing on all cylinders. Thanks to the Associated Press, we now know precisely why Tate was so limited.

So if you're keeping score at home, your Houston Texans currently have one running back with a hamstring injury (extent unknown), one running back with four broken ribs, and...well, that's all they have at RB at the moment.

2012 seems so, so long ago.

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