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Sam Montgomery's Agent Denies Montgomery Was Cut For Marijuana Use

As you'd expect, Sam Montgomery's people aren't going gently into that good night with regard to the report that Sonic Sam was fired by the Texans for using marijuana.

Not pictured:  The bag of Doritos.
Not pictured: The bag of Doritos.

You didn't really expect the agents for three players rumored of getting fired for marijuana use to sit idly by, did you? I know I didn't. Jeff Guerriero, Sam Montgomery's agent, now refutes the ESPN report that Sonic Sam got released for smoking the wacky tobacky:

"It is our position that the story written about Sam Montgomery by ESPN, which sets forth that he was dismissed from the Houston Texans for using marijuana, is completely inaccurate," Jeff Guerriero said in a statement sent by text message to "Mr. Montgomery was dismissed from the team for allegedly violating a team rule. This can be confirmed by the Houston Texan personnel."

At least Guerriero isn't sticking with his client's I-just-walked-into-a-hotel-room-to-find-Cierre-Wood-and-Willie-Jefferson-smoking-a-cigar-and-seriously-you-gotta-believe-me-the-Texans-totally-overreacted-and-fired-me-for-no-legitimate-reason-because-being-around-people-who-smoke-cigars-is-not-grounds-for-termination-in-America-man story. That's some good agenting right there, people.