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Bleach Social: How Are You Spending The Texans' Bye Week?

With the Houston Texans off this week, what are Texans fans doing with their Sunday free?

Remember this guy?  He hasn't exactly stood out this year.
Remember this guy? He hasn't exactly stood out this year.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Each week during the season, this space is typically dedicated to Texans fans sharing where and how they're planning on watching the game on Sunday. This week, the Texans are off, which naturally means you won't be watching them pursue their third win of the 2013 season (yes, I too am saddened that we're talking about Houston chasing its third win of the season in late October). With no Texans game this weekend, how will you spend your Sunday afternoon?

Are you headed out of town for some rest and relaxation?

Are you going to get some quality time with the family you generally abandon on Sundays during the fall?

Are you going to be enjoying the freedom of a Texans-free weekend by catching up on chores, errands, and assorted other real life tasks that you typically put off until February?

Are you planning on using the down time to smoke some cigars?

Or will you be staring at your television, just like any other Sunday, watching the other NFL games all day and night?

Whatever your plans for this rare Sunday with no Texans game, let us know in the Comments.