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Arian Foster Injury: Foster Expects To Be Ready For Texans-Colts Next Week

The Texans' star running back hurt his hamstring in Houston's loss to the Chiefs. There's good news about his potential return for Sunday Night Football against the Colts next week.

On the road to recovery.
On the road to recovery.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Arian Foster got hurt early in the Texans' Week Seven loss to the Chiefs; actually, he apparently tweaked his hamstring in practice last Thursday before aggravating it during the game. Foster did not return to the game and spent the rest of the afternoon in sweats watching a one-dimensional Houston offense from the sideline. After the game, Foster declared his hamstring injury didn't "seem too severe right now." In the five days since then, it would appear Foster's optimism was warranted.

Deepi Sidhu of the Texans' official site reports that Foster expects to be ready for the Texans' next game. Fortunately, the team is off this week, giving him additional time to heal before Sunday Night Football returns to Reliant Stadium for Texans-Colts on November 3rd.

While setbacks are always possible with an injury like this (ask anyone who was counting on Brandon Jacobs to play last Monday night), I'll gladly take the positive bye week report, which is especially important to the Texans given Ben Tate's delicate condition.

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