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BRB On SportsRadio 610 At 10:30 PM CDT Tonight!

What's that? You were going out tonight to drink away your sorrows? Not anymore you're not. Join me tonight on SportsRadio 610. We can all be miserable together. Solidarity, my brothers and sisters!

Case is in his imaginary go-kart.
Case is in his imaginary go-kart.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday, which means it’s about that time to ditch all of your evening plans in favor of sitting by the radio late at night and listening to me berate Case Keenum, Gary Kubiak, and Derek Newton on SportsRadio 610 for all to hear. I will be joining the Nate & Creight show tonight with Nate Griffin and Patrick Creighton at 10:30 PM CDT. Listen as Nate will have his dreams of Keenum leading the Texans to the Super Bowl shattered live on air! Yay!

This is what the 2013 Texans season has done to me. The only way I can find personal happiness is to destroy the hopes of others. You did this to me, Gary Kubiak. You created this monster.

Make sure to tune or listen live online here. This is going to be good…or bad…I’m not quite sure yet.