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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Packers at Vikings

Somehow, America did something terrible and has to be subjected to the Minnesota Vikings for the second time in six days. Talk about Green Bay-Minnesota as it unfolds in Battle Red Blog's Sunday Night Football Open Thread.

A man among boys.
A man among boys.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Six days ago, a terrified nation was witness to Minnesota Vikings football. Reigning NFL MVP Adrian Peterson was held to 13 carries by a horrible offensive gameplan while Josh Freeman was 20-for-53 for 190 yards. The Vikings threw it 53 times when they have Adrian Freakin' Peterson in the backfield. If any NFL team merits two prime time games in six days, it is the Minnesota Vikings.

Yes, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are also playing in this game, but they're 4-2 and would avoid criticism if they threw the ball 53 times. Seriously, how do you give a newly signed quarterback 53 passing attempts and only give the NFL's best running back 13 carries?

Carrie Underwood tells me you have been waiting all day for this Sunday night open forum to talk about the Green Bay Packers and laugh at the notion of Josh Freeman Christian Ponder being a starting quarterback in the NFL. Go forth and comment, BRBers.