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Houston Texans Roster Moves: Texans Sign Five New Players, Including Three Running Backs

The Houston Texans had vacant roster spots open after last week. Now, the Texans have added five new names.

He's baaaaaaaaack.
He's baaaaaaaaack.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With Arian Foster and Ben Tate both banged up and Cierre Wood participating in non-Texany ventures, the Houston football franchise was in dire need of running backs. Per Mark Berman, the Texans will add two familiar faces to the roster.

Karim, as you all remember, was part of the preseason running back battle, where he lost to Wood. Karim is a veteran of both Jacksonville and Indianapolis, Houston's week nine opponent. He has some versatility as a special teams returner.

Johnson was an undrafted rookie signed for the running back battle as well. He was among the first cut on the move from 75 to 53 and moved on to Cleveland, who had stashed him on their practice squad. Per practice squad rules, another team can sign you away if they place you on the 53-man roster, as Houston will do with Johnson.

Thoughts, BRBers? Are these the moves to turn the season around? Any guesses on the last two vacant spots?

EDIT at 6:38 pm CT:

The Texans are adding even more names.