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Matt Schaub Injury: Torn Ligaments In Ankle, Will Attempt To Play Anyway

Ian Rapoport of is reporting that embattled Texans' quarterback Matt Schaub's ankle is in considerably worse condition than some thought. Will it have any effect on Gary Kubiak's decision about who to start at QB against the Colts on Sunday night?

Get well soon, Matt.
Get well soon, Matt.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport tweets:

With the way Matt Schaub's ankle bent when he was hurt against the Rams two weeks ago, the severity of the injury (which was never publicly disclosed by the Texans) is not particularly surprising. What is somewhat surprising, however, is the timing and wording of this revelation.

Gary Kubiak has yet to publicly name a starting quarterback for Sunday night's game against the Colts. Does this news change the equation at all? How you choose to read between the lines could affect what you believe the Texans will do.

Now that the extent of Schaub's injury is known, can Gary Kubiak really put him out there on Sunday night over Case Keenum, Schaub's purported desire to play through the injury notwithstanding?

If Kubes didn't already feel he had to make a change at QB for performance-related reasons, can he do it now based purely on Schaub's health, sparing Schaub from an official demotion?

Does Schaub's reported desire to "play through" the injury mean that a decision has already been privately made for Schaub to start on Sunday night?

Which side put this information out--the player or the team?

Lots of questions about how this will all play out. Regardless of the answers to those questions, here's wishing Schaub a speedy and full recovery.

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