Ask the Colts Fans Living In Your Basement

Plenty of this, please, Mr. Watt. - Scott Halleran

Hello Texans Fans!

My name is peytonsurdaddy, otherwise known as PUD around these parts, and I live in your basement, otherwise known as the AFC South Eternal Threads located in the Fanposts section here at Battle Red Blog with my fellow super-cool outcast Colts fans. I'm a Scorpio who enjoys cold weather, football, cheap Scotch and the company of sexually liberated goats.

For those of you unfamiliar with us and our tale of woe, we were cast onto the cold, uncaring tides of the interwebz a couple of years ago, banished from our rightful home, and left to die lonely and destitute with a severe case of gonorrhea by an evil, evil man, hewhoshallnotbenamed. Luckily, we washed ashore here at the land of BRB and were taken in and given a home and penicillin by the glorious leader of this kingdom, a man known only as Tim the Magnificent, where we have since languished, err..I mean flourished, in the basement of your nether regions, bitching about things, posting server-crippling gifs and occasionally pilfering your beer.

But I digress...

At least twice a year we actually try to make ourselves useful around here to make up for all the stealing and bitching. This being one of those times, we have decided to put up one of these posts where you can quiz us about anything Colts-related, or beer-related, in anticipation of our first of two matches of the season this Sunday evening in the glory of nationally televised prime time football.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your forbearance as we know how difficult to live with the fans of one of your most hated rivals must be, especially with the terrible smell and occasional screaming that now emanates from the basement at all hours of the night (I blame Cass, personally).

You have truly been gracious hosts to us all and believe me when I say you have made us all feel like part of the family around here. The dysfunctional, twisted, gun-toting, bleach-chugging family that you are, and we thank you.

Ask away, and may the best team win this Sunday!


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