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Sponsored Post: Which Houston Texan Has Been The Best Through The First Half Of The 2013 Season?

Silver lining, ahoy! In a dismal 2-5 season for the Houston Texans thus far, which player has stood out as the best this year?

That's my answer.  I'm sad now.
That's my answer. I'm sad now.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Mama once told me to always focus on the good in life, and Appelebee's is now asking me to find the good in what's been a horribly disappointing season for your Houston Texans. The theme of this campaign is "Only The Best." Thus, I ask you, BRB: Which Houston Texan has been the best through the first seven (7) weeks of the 2013 season?

J.J. Watt? Brian Cushing? Andre Johnson? Arian Foster? DeAndre Hopkins? Matt Schaub? Shane Lechler? Someone else?

Perhaps all you need to know about the Texans' 2013 season is that the punter is a legitimately good--perhaps unassailable--answer to the question. HOUSTON TEXANS FEVER! CATCH IT!

Post your answer to the query and defend your honor in the Comments below.

/closes door to office
/turns off lights
/sobs quietly at desk

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