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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Bengals v. Dolphins

It's Halloween, and there's a knock at the door. It's not a vampire or a zombie, it's the Pride of Katy (tm), Andy Dalton, and he's got football for you!

Dammit, Andy, those are MY Snickers bars!
Dammit, Andy, those are MY Snickers bars!
Andy Lyons

I may be wrong but watching the Dolphins and Bengals butt theoretical heads seems like an ill-fitting matchup for Halloween, don't you think?

This should be a game between the Oakland Raiders and New Orleans Saints. You know, we need a game where we can see people who normally dress up ridiculously really pull out all the stops on a night where everybody is in some kind of costume.

Alas, we have the Bengals and Dolphins instead to watch and mock and comment upon.

Psst, that's where y'all come in. Kick your shoes off, make your "Looking like Andy Dalton is scarier than any costume" jokes, and pass the time.

I'll be over here, eating all the candy that's supposed to be going to trick-or-treaters...those damn freeloaders.