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Open Game Day Thread: Early Afternoon Games (10/06/13)

With the Texans playing the Niners on the main stage that is Sunday Night Football later tonight, we've got a day of games to watch before the one that really matters takes place. Here's Battle Red Blog's first open thread of the day. Use it to weigh in on the noon CDT games.

Still starting for Jacksonville.
Still starting for Jacksonville.
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

You have to do something to pass the time until your Houston Texans kick off their game against the 49ers on Sunday Night Football at 7:30 p.m. CDT. I suggest you watch some football that you're not emotionally invested in. Or place several large bets on those games so you can become emotionally invested in them.

This is your open thread for the early (12 p.m. CDT) games. Whether it's Saints-Bears, Patriots-Bengals, Lions-Packers, Chiefs-Titans, Seahawks-Colts, Jaguars-Rams, Ravens-Dolphins, or Eagles-Giants, this is the spot to talk about today's first set of NFL games. Enjoy.

Texans vs 49ers coverage