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Sunday Night Football Open Game Thread: Texans v. 49ers

Texans-49ers, Sunday Night Football, and the opportunity to hysterically overreact to everything Matt Schaub does is here. Share your thoughts, observations, and opinions on Battle Red Blog's live open game night thread.

When Arian calls a meeting, you attend.
When Arian calls a meeting, you attend.
Scott Halleran

The reckoning is upon us, Texans fans. The 2-2 Houston Texans and the 2-2 San Francisco 49ers are on Sunday Night Football. The only guarantee is that the book on the 2013 Houston Texans is about to have another chapter written, and that we're all sure to overreact to whatever happens tonight. Pour yourself a stiff drink, brace yourself, and settle in for the ride.

This is your first open thread for Texans-49ers on Sunday Night Football. Watch like a champion tonight.

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