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Houston Texans Inactives: Texans Vs. San Francisco

Who is suiting up and who is wearing a t-shirt today in the week five matchup against the 49ers? Let's take a look.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

We are now about a hour or so away from kickoff so hurry up and finish everything you need to do. Run to the store, grab your chips and soda pop ,and prepare your ears for Cris Collinsworth and the pageantry of Sunday Night Football. I talked to my sources and found out who the inactives will be for tonight's bath of blood.


  • QB Case Keenum
  • WR Lestar Jean
  • LB Tim Dobbins
  • T Andrew Gardner
  • G Brandon Brooks
  • DE Sam Montgomery
  • DE Tim Jamison

San Francisco

  • WR Quinton Patton
  • WR Chris Harper
  • QB John Skelton
  • CB Nnamdi Asomugha
  • LB Jermaine Cunningham
  • LB Patrick Willis
  • G Joe Looney