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Sunday Night Football Open Game Thread V2: Texans v. 49ers

Texans-49ers, Sunday Night Football, and the opportunity to hysterically overreact to everything Matt Schaub does is here. Share your thoughts, observations, and opinions on Battle Red Blog's second live open game night thread.

Does anyone read captions?
Does anyone read captions?
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I'll get this out of the way early. Yes, Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub threw a pick-six interception. Yes, it's his NFL record fourth straight game with a pick-six. No, this isn't a thread to call for another quarterback or who to draft or what have you. This is an open game thread to talk about the actual game. Let's leave the future talk for other threads.

As for the actual game, well, it hasn't been pretty. A Schaub pick-six, a missed Randy Bullock field goal, and a defense that cannot get off the field on third down and you have a 21-0 San Francisco 49ers lead at halftime on NBC's Sunday Night Football. There's really nothing positive to note about Houston's play. It's been pretty abysmal. 

If you're into watching the second half, this is your second half thread for all your bleach chugging and comments. Who knows? Maybe the Texans decided that the second half would be their half this week since they can only play 30 minutes at a time.