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Checking The Pulse: Texans Fans On Matt Schaub After The Loss In San Francisco

On the morning after the disaster in San Francisco, how do Texans fans feel about Matt Schaub?

Did he leave his job in San Francisco?
Did he leave his job in San Francisco?
Ezra Shaw

HOOOOLLLLLEEEEEEE (synonym for fecal matter).

We are all witnesses to NFL history. What you've seen so far in the 2013 season as a Texans fan is something you'll tell your grandchildren about. That doesn't make it any less horrid.

I asked the same question last week after Matt Schaub's third consecutive game with an interception returned for a touchdown. Perhaps your feelings on the matter have changed after what happened last night in San Francisco. I know mine have.

That's not to say I think Matt Schaub is a terrible quarterback. It is to say that he's playing like a terrible quarterback. Whether it's purely mental, whether it's physical, whether it's NFL defenses finally figuring him and/or the Texans' offense out, whether it's the pull of the tides, I don't know. What I do know is that it seems ridiculous to me that Gary Kubiak would continue to run Schaub out there. I'm not calling for Schaub to be benched for the remainder of the season; perhaps he just needs to step away, hold a clipboard for a bit, and get his bearings. But after what we've seen through the first five games of the season, how can you look the rest of the team in the eye and tell them that Matt Schaub, a man with a disturbing penchant for scoring points against the Texans while he's supposed to be scoring points for the Texans, is the player to lead this offense against the Rams?

How can Gary Kubiak preach ball security and the dire consequences of turning the ball over yet continue to start a man who has thrown nine (9!) interceptions in five games? How can you do that and not be considered inconsistent or unfair at best and a complete fraud at worst? How?

I don't think T.J. Yates or Case Keenum have shown themselves to be better quarterbacks than Matt Schaub. I do think it's worth exploring whether they can run the Texans' offense without throwing a pick-six. It's time. I hate it, but it's time.

What say you? Cast your vote and elaborate on your position in the Comments below.

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