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Texans v. 49ers: Gary Kubiak's Monday Afternoon Press Conference

Want to see how the Texans' head coach answers questions about Matt Schaub, how exactly last night is not all Schaub's fault, and explains what happened in San Francisco last night? This post is for you.

You and me, Matt.  You and me.
You and me, Matt. You and me.
Ezra Shaw

In the wake of yet another demoralizing loss, Gary Kubiak spoke to the media this afternoon. Topics included Matt Schaub, team morale, getting things corrected, "it's on me," and so forth. Here's a link to the full transcript. I've taken the liberty of pulling some of the more interesting quotes and pasting below for your immediate reaction.

(on if he could address the question of whether QB Matt Schaub is still the starter) "Yeah, he is. Like everything I do, I’m sitting here today and obviously we got home very early in the morning, I’m in an evaluation stage right now, today and tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way for us to go be successful this weekend. Every player is a part of the evaluation, and our quarterback is too. But yes, he is our quarterback."

(on if that means it is possible that there might be changes) "It doesn’t mean anything. It just means I’m evaluating our situation. We’re not playing well enough right now. I’m obviously very disappointed in turning the ball over and I’m trying to make a decision what I think gives us the best chance to win Sunday. That’s what I’m doing."

(on if he blames himself for some of the interceptions since they seem to be occurring on similar routes) "When you’re a play-caller, an offensive coach or defensive, it doesn’t matter, you’re trying to put your players in the best position to be successful. So you call something and something goes wrong, you look at yourself. That’s just the way you’re built. I’ve been that way my whole career. This week is no different. Next week will be no different. You’d like to come out of the game and feel like every situation you’re in is good. That doesn’t happen very often, but that’s why players make plays and figure out a way to work through things. We’ve got to work through them better and I’m sure I can help them work through them better."

(on if he’s worried about losing the locker room if he doesn’t make a change at quarterback and QB Matt Schaub continues to play the way he’s playing) "No, I don’t worry about that. I have a responsibility to everybody. Every player on the team has to do their job to maintain a position and continue to play. That’s the quarterback as well. Our players on our team, they come in here and watch the film. They know what’s going on. They know what players are doing. Our football team respects his work and how he goes about getting ready to play. Obviously, we’re all disappointed because we’re having to overcome way too much. But I do have a belief that it can be fixed and get corrected and get headed in the right direction. That’s part of our jobs. So I’m not cornered about that. That’s a responsibility of mine, players and everybody."

(on if he’s worried about QB Matt Schaub’s confidence) "Yeah, you do. That’s only natural for some of those things to happen to you over a period of time. Yeah, you worry about that, but the reason he’s played a long time is because he’s very tough mentally, physically. If not, you’re going to go through things in your career as a quarterback, like I said last week, probably told you pretty good, probably told you not very good sometimes. And you have to work through those things. I see him working. I see him focused on what’s going on. Obviously, there’s big team disappointment and we have to set a course on Wednesday that can get us to find some success. Obviously, it’s been a rough three weeks. So we’ve got to get the corner turned."

(on if QB Matt Schaub’s mistakes look the same from the last couple of weeks) "No, I don’t think see them all the same. I think they’re different, certain situations. Some have been timing reads; some have been movement reads, some different things going on. Bottom line, the ball is ending up in the wrong hands too many times and he knows that. That’s his job. That’s something that he and I have to get corrected." (on if he feels like accountability is an issue at the quarterback position) "I can promise you there is accountability. If I think, on our football team, that something needs to be done, then I’ll do it. I’m also very committed to players and the job they do and the work they put in and the football team, so I take it all into account."

(on QBs T.J. Yates and Case Keenum pushing Matt Schaub during camp and if they still are pushing him) "They get their normal reps. They both get some during the week. Once you get going in the NFL, the starting quarterback takes the majority of things. That’s just the way things are. Those guys run the scout team. Nothing has changed from that standpoint. I’ve got confidence in both of them and T.J. got a few snaps under his belt last night."

(on if he factors fan reaction and reception within the city into his decision of who to start at quarterback) "No, I don’t think about stuff like that. I’m studying film, studying what we’re doing, what I think gives us the best chance this Sunday. I don’t get concerned with reactions and those types of things. That’s part of this business, the highs and lows. Just stay even keel and keeping going, but I’m worried about the team."

(on if he factors his quarterback’s confidence level into how he approaches a gameplan) "I don’t think that’s what you do. I think if anything, players that have been doing this for a long time, they need responsibility. That’s what makes them tick. That’s what makes them work through things. We’re not going to all of a sudden quit doing certain things or cutback on certain situations. If Matt is our starting quarterback and he’s going, I trust him with everything we do if that’s what you’re asking me. There is no limit there."

(on how baffling is it that a 10-year veteran quarterback is telegraphing passes) "Any time you have the turnovers that we have, whether they are fumbles or interceptions, it’s baffling as a coach. We’ve had a couple of both these past few weeks. We’ve had two fumbles the past few weeks as well. The bottom line is we can’t survive what’s going on from that standpoint and Matt (Schaub) understands that as well as anybody, but the team understands that we’re putting ourselves in too big of a hole. Like I said, I’ve got to continue to evaluate it and do what I think is best."

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