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Gary Kubiak To Address Entire Team Tomorrow Morning; What Does It Mean?

Antonio Smith told the Texans' play-by-play man this evening that Gary Kubiak will address the entire team tomorrow morning. This is apparently a deviation from the normal schedule. What could it mean?

What's on Gary's mind?
What's on Gary's mind?
Thomas B. Shea

Read these tea leaves as you see fit:

Whether you believe this supposed slight change in schedule is due to Gary Kubiak simply wanting to address the entire team about tuning out the noise and pulling together in a time of adversity or whether you believe it's a sign of something bigger like, I don't know, "Fellas, we're gonna go with T.J. on Sunday" is a matter of interpretation.  If you think it's the latter, it's most likely wishful thinking. Nevertheless, you are free to speculate in the Comments below.

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