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Battle Red Radio, Episode XLVII: Ugh, I Like Football?

The Texans fall 34-3 to the 49ers and Matt Schaub threw a pick six in his fourth straight game. What else is new? Check out this week's edition of Battle Red Radio.

Where was this against the Seahawks?
Where was this against the Seahawks?
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It's Wednesday and you're tired of the screaming callers and commercials, but you still crave Texans' analysis via the spoken word. Well you're in luck, since Battle Red Radio has recorded its newest show.

Matt Weston is joined by Chris from Houston Diehards to discuss Matt Schaub, what Kubiak should do this week, and how to attack the Rams in the best episode this season. If you're interested in more of my thoughts, I was on the Turf Show Times podcast (St. Louis Rams' SB Nation site); the link is here. They start talking Texans at around the fifteen minute mark.

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There are a few curse words here and there, so listen wisely. If you prefer the browser, the link is here.  While you are at it, subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode and can listen on the go. After the bye week, we're going to try to do this live. Enjoy the show.

Texans vs 49ers coverage
Rams vs Texans coverage